Akasha Project

As part of Akasha’s rebrand, the Akasha Project sub-brand was created to encompass all of the brewery’s seasonal and experimental beers including cult favourites Korben IIPA, Endless Haze, Wooden Leg and Cloud 9.

This is where the team at Akasha explores their art at its most exciting – a celebration of the different, the unexpected, the alluring – with each beer allowed to manifest its own unique character.

The can art takes inspiration from all over, from Dario Argento and John Carpenter movies to ‘60s psychedelia and beyond.

With a structure anchored by Sharp Type’s Beatrice, the Akasha Project cans play with a range of fonts from vintage classics such as HWT Arabesque, Hobo, Gill Kayo and Roberta, to retro-revival typefaces like Break Maiden’s Vacation.

Copy & Brand Strategy – Brendan McCallum